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 Fitness and Body Building Exclusive Gym

Step # 1 Choose Your Membership



Prime Membership  24/7 Access to the Gym.

From the Hours of 4am - 8pm you can block out an hour for what muscle group you want to focus on during that workout. Enjoy, with one other person private access to all the equipment for that  muscle group.  No waiting for others, no distractions.   Get the best workout!

After Hours Membership - get daily access from 8pm - 4am

Step #2 Set your Schedule

Prime Membership

Choose your Muscle Group - Arms  - Chest -  Back -  Legs

Block out your Day and Time Each Week to give you Exclusive access to the equipment for that Muscle Group.



After Hours Membership - Enjoy semi exclusive access to all the equipment in the Gym.

Step #3 Gym Access

Prime Membership

Download the APP that allows you access to the Gym during your allotted time slot.



Download the APP that will give you Hellsgate Gym access from 8pm - 4am each day of the week.

Step #4 Enjoy The Best Workout of Your Life

Prime Membership

Get the Blood circulating in your muscles and keep it there by being able to use the machines without any distractions.  Take your body to the next level.



Enjoy semi-exclusive access to the entire gym.  Workout what you want when you want.

Get Started Now! - Select Your Membership!


4am - 8pm
Schedule a 1 hour session during prime time.
More exclusive access to equipment
Limited spots available per hour


8pm - 4am
Enjoy Access to the Entire Gym
Limited spots available per hour

Limited time only for Prime Members-

Get a free training session with an

IFBB Professional Body Builder. 

Jim Robertson